Here are our different Healthy Teas:

Slimming Tea

Closemyer Slimming Healthy Green Tea

The product is a health-keeping tea, which takes Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, Fiveleaf Gynostemma Root, Hawthorn Fruit and Honey as main raw materials. According to the tests, the product has a health-keeping function of weight reducing. This tea can lose weight in a natural way. It advocates the consistence of both the slimming course and the bodyís natural adjustment course, focuses on the rapid decomposing of fat in the bodyís waist, abdomen and hip, so as to make the body slim. The product contains plenty of vitamins, food fibers, mineral substances and microelements. It can significantly reduce subcutaneous fat, waistline and the length of breech without changing the energy, and has no influence on the bodyís health. It can be effective on the first day of using it, comprehensively lose weight, and change the obesity constitution. 1. Safe: 100% natural herbs without any chemicals. 2. Effective: It can help you to reduce 4-8 pounds per month.

Anti- Constipation Tea

Closeymyer Anti-Constipation Healhty Green Tea

Closemyer Anti-constipation Healthy Green Tea is a kind of healthy product prepared with Green Tea, Cocos Poria, Ademphora, Common Yam Rhizome and Cassia Seed as its main ingredients. For all kinds of constipation with cases as intractable, habitual, senile, pregnant, obstetrical, infantile, non-breast-feeding, physiologically dysfunctional constipation, bowel movement would be resumed within 24 hours after taking the tea. Each ingredients of the recipe has been used for hundreds of years without any side effects when applied in appropriate circumstances. Otherwise, the tea can help you to expel oil remaining in the intestines. Eat too much, or too pinguid? Donít worry, anti-constipation tea easy to wash your stomach and intestines!

Energy Tonic Tea

Closemyer Energy Tonic Healthy Green Tea

Closemyer Energy Tonic Healthy Green Tea is developed specially for sub-healthy people. This tea is a healthy tea prepared by modern scientific methods with natural herbs. The combination of herbs increases nitric oxide's production and transport, thus improving blood flow and smooth muscle relaxation. After one-dayís work, a cup of this tea will help you relieve fatigue, renew spirit, strengthen the immunity of human body. It is especially suitable for the supplementary treatment of darkening your hair, maintaining and enhancing sexual joys.This tea tastes good, smells fragrant and can be taken long-term without any toxicity and side effects.

Beauty Tea

Closemyer Beauty Healhty Green Tea

Closemyer Beauty Healhty Green Tea is specially developed for young and middle aged people. Flowers have the effect of nourishing the skin, activating the blood circulation, diminishing inflammation, dispelling the heat and detoxification. This tea is finely prepared with natural plants as its raw materials. It is also a supplementary treatment for curing tawny spots and acnes. This tea can be long-term taken without any toxicity and side effects.

Blood Sugar Lowering Tea

Closemyer Blood Sugar Lowering Healthy Green Tea

Closemyer Blood Sugar Lowering Healthy Green Tea contains Cr3+, a kind of microelement that is necessary to the body. Its main function is to assist insulin to adjust blood sugar. Chrome is helpful in maintaining the normal level of serum cholesterol and triglyceride and preventing arteriosclerosis. Therefore, this product is especially suitable for people with relatively high blood sugar and blood fat


Closemyer Blood Lipid Regulating Healthy Green Tea

Closemyer Blood Lipid Regulating Healthy Green Tea is a kind of healthy product finely prepared with Green Tea, Cassia seed and Lotus leaf as its main materials. Function test has proven that it has plenty of Flavone and Anthraquinone series function ingredients and is effective for regulating blood lipid. It tastes good, smells fragrant and contains none of hormone and antiseptic. This tea is especially suitable for health keeping of the middle aged and elderly people.

Closemyer Hypertension Regulating Healthy Green Tea

Closemyer Hypertension Regulating Healthy Green Tea

This product contains Rutin and microelements, such as Zinc, Selenium and Germanium. According to the tests, this product can prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce blood pressure, and has accessory functions of bringing down the blood pressure of hypertension patients. It is especially suitable for initial and non-complicated hypertension suffers. Without any chemical additives, toxicity and side effect, you may drink it for unlimited periods.

Closemyer Honey Jasmine Tea

Closemyer Honey Jasmine Tea

Closemyer Honey Jasmine Tea is prepared with first class Jasmine Tea which is processed in handpicked Fujian Green Tea and Jasmine, extracting with unique scientific technology. It is a pure natural product without coloring matter. Tastes good, smells fragrant and can be taken long-term.

Closemyer Honey Green Tea

Closemyer Honey Green Tea

This product is processed in handpicked high quality Fujian Green Tea through scientific mixing and extracting with modern high and new technology. The hot water color is clear and bright with fresh taste and full-bodied fragrance.

Closemyer Honey Ginseng Tea

Honey Ginseng Tea

The product is made from Ginseng in South Korea. As analyzed and examined by specialists, it contains much trace elements and nutrition compositions beneficial to human body, such as: Vitamin, Amino Acid and Ginsenoside, etc. It has been tested and proven that it has characteristic of recovering physical strength rapidly, anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation and raising immunity function. So it is a necessary supreme nutrition and healthy drink in daily life for people.

Closemyer Honey Ginger Tea

Honey Ginger Tea

Closemyer Honey Ginger Tea is made from selected special grade ginger blended with honey. This tea may assist people to prevent colds, circulate the blood to relieve pain, enhance the absorption of food and ease indigestion, alleviate general nausea and motion sickness, and diminish inflammation, detoxifies. Regular drinking is beneficial for reducing fat and improving immunity.

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